Garden accessories

Madison garden accessories

Complete your garden with garden accessories made of Madison. Think for example of beautiful decorative cushions and handy Living Plaids that you can place anywhere in your garden or an outdoor seating cube that is convenient to use. Or think of a trendy beach chair that you can easily move when the sun turns.  

In addition to comfortable garden accessories, you can also find umbrella accessories, covers & protective covers, umbrella covers and umbrella feet.

Madison's garden accessories are designed to provide you with all the luxuries you need. You can choose from different colors, applications and sizes. Whatever garden accessories you are looking for, at Madison you will find accessories that perfectly match the style of your garden.

Living Plaids from Madison

With Madison's Living Plaids you can create your own place anywhere, anytime. The Living Plaids are ideal for use in your garden and you can easily take them with you for a day out. You simply roll them up and they are available in different colours and prints.  

Lightweight beach chairs in different prints

Enjoy in your garden or at the beach on a comfortable and hip beach chair from Madison. The beach chairs are foldable and very light, so you can easily take them anywhere you go. The beach chairs offer the ultimate seating comfort, so you can completely relax. The beach chairs are available in different prints and are weather repellent. Start chilling with the beach chairs from Madison!  

Create extra seating places with the outdoor cube

Garden accessories do not only have to be beautiful, but also functional and easy to use. Madison's outdoor seating cube is ideal if you have family and friends visiting. You can easily grab the seat cubes to create extra seating areas. Ideal right? Our outdoor seat cubes are available in various colours and have a water-repellent coating so that they can remain outside even when it rains.  

Storage covers for garden accessories

We advise you to store your garden accessories such as garden cushions, lounge cushions and parasols when you are not using them. This ensures that your accessories last longer and are protected from rain and dirt. To protect your accessories optimally, Madison offers you a choice of various storage bags and protective covers for your garden cushions and parasols. So you don't have to buy large storage boxes for your garden.  

Always a point of sale near you

Madison has an extensive dealer network in the Netherlands. There is always a point of sale near you where you can view our collections in real life.

Overview of our garden cushions

Madison has an wide range of garden accessories. Take a look at our wide range:

  • Living Plaids
  • Outdoor seating cube
  • Beach chairs
  • Umbrella accessories
  • Covers & protective covers
  • Umbrella covers
  • Umbrella bases