Madison® collection

Whatever colour theme you prefer, the new Madison® collections offers a world of possible combinations. Go Wild!

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Red & Blue card

Now with new dessins!

Red & Blue Collection

Think out of the box: use minimal means to create a refreshingly original atmosphere. Let your mind go and create your style!

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Taupe card

Best quality cushions.

Taupe collection

Madison® has the best quality cushions, and they are easy to mix and match with other cushions. This allows you to create a garden which totally fits you. Think different and go wild! Everything is possible with the new collection of Madison®

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Colour Themes

Yellow card

Easy to mix and match.

Yellow collection

Combine decorative cushions in different patterns! And create a unique look that makes your garden even more 'you'!

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Orange card

New dessins!

Orange collection

All prints are available in several models. So it's easy to combine and create a garden which is totally today.  Think different with Madison®.

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Lounge & Florance card

Outdoor lounge!

Florance / Lounge collection

How about a lounge cushion that always fit? Madison® created a universal cushion that you can shape into any size thanks to its flexible filling. A perfect fit for any lounge set and homemade furniture, and easily puffed up back into shape. Available in several sizes and solid colours. 

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living plaid card


Living plaid collection.

Think out of the box: use minimal means to create a refreshingly original atmosphere. With the new Madison® living plaid you can create a unique look everywhere you go. 

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beach chair card vierkant 2


Now with new dessins!

Start chilling with our relaxed beach chairs. The Madison® beach chairs are foldable and lightweight, this allows you to take it wherever you go. Madison® beach chairs provide the ultimate sit comfort.

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