Keep your cushions in excellent condition

Madison® cushions are easy to clean. Removeable cushion covers are best washed by hand with a standard detergent at a maximum temparature of 30°C. Large stains on cushions should be removed at once, using a sponge or soft brush, but no water. After summer, cushions should be cleaned and stored in a dark dry place. 

Madison® covers

Take good care of your garden set and cushions

TIP - The Madison® storage bag. For transporting cushions as well as safely storing them at wintertime.

Madison® umbrella covers

good protection makes your umbrella last longer

That's why Madison® offers special protective covers. They ensure excellent protection against rain and dirt. The suncape is easy to use and also ideally suited for winter storage. the covers come in 3 types, one for upright and one for suspended umbrellas.

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