Panama eco


The Eco Fabric is made from reused textile fabrics. These fabrics are cutted into loose fibers. These fibers are twisted again to create yarns. The raw material of the Eco Fabric consist of 70% recycled fibers. The yarns are woven into the Madison Panama Eco Fabrics.

Panama draden

The products are manufactured from the Panama fabrics in our own factories in Europe. All textile products from Madison have the OEKO-TEX label. OEKO-TEX is a test and certifying system for textiles that focus on restricting the use of harmful substances in textile manufacturing. The demands are very strict and are monitored regularly. A certificate has to be renewed each year.

To make the products last longer the quality of the durable Eco Fabric is very important. When cushions are exposed to direct sunlight, it is important that the colour fastness is high so you can enjoy your Panama product for a long time.