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The production of Eco-friendly products

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The production of Eco-friendly products

The need for sustainable products throughout the world is growing. People want to help protect the environment. However, not as many are as enlightened about the production of eco-friendly products and why an environmentally aware creation process is necessary. It’s Madison’s mission to join in the global wave in creating awareness and offer consumers a sustainable choice.

Madison believes it is their task to continuously look for ways to improve the production process and to 
minimize the ecological footprint on the earth. It is of Madison’s utmost importance to produce eco-conscious products as the benefits that such changes are going to bring in both the short and long term.

The Madison Eco-line is a NEW range of innovative and ecological manufactured products that go beyond all current standards. The test results of the eco-fabric and coating are outstanding.

So let’s take care of our planet. Together. We need to unite and inspire everyone to preserve the earth for future generations.

Madison Eco line production


Eco-friendly production

A push towards building a circular supply chain to eliminate waste and build a continual use of resources. Reduce waste and carbon emissions including energy efficiency and product packaging. ENERGY-MATERIAL-PRODUCTION-PACKAGING

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100% Recycled fabrics

The Eco-line cushions are truly unique. The cushion fabrics are made entirely from recycled materials. Recycling plastic bottles PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and recycled cotton fibers. This process is environmentally friendly because it causes fewer CO2 emissions. 

The test results of the Madison Eco-fabric are outstanding and exceeds current quality standards. High colour fastness concerning UV-light, salty sea water and chlorinated water. The cushions can be completely washed in the machine at max. 60 degrees.

During the production process reduction of water and energy consumption to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Also the use of sustainable ‘green’ energy in the factory. The energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind or water.

Recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials. The product itself is 100% recyclable after a long effective time the product is being used.


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