Madison sun umbrellas

When the weather is lovely, there is nothing like relaxing in the shade under your umbrella. Whatever type or colour of parasol you are looking for, at Madison you will always find one that suits your garden, terrace or balcony. Our sun umbrellas offer good protection against the bright sun and create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden.

At Madison you can choose from a wide range of umbrellas, such as hanging umbrellas, umbrellas with an articulated arm, wall umbrellas, umbrellas with feet and waterproof umbrellas.

Because of our wide range of parasols, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice. We are happy to help you choose the right umbrella!

A wide collection of umbrellas

Our umbrellas come in many different quality classes, shapes, sizes and colors. The Madison umbrellas are divided into three collections: Topline, Basic-Line and Profi-Line.

Topline collection

With a Topline umbrella you are assured of quality. Topline umbrellas are equipped with a 220 gram parasol cover made of 100% polyester and have a water-repellent PU coating. The coating ensures that you can stay dry during a rainstorm. The cover is also provided with a 'Grade 6'. This means that the cover will not discolour quickly. The fabric also offers UV protection with a UV value of 50+ and a guarantee of 2,000 hours of sunshine. So enjoy carefree!

Basic-Line collection

Are you looking for a parasol that is suitable for smaller areas, such as on the balcony or on the beach? In the Basic-Line collection of Madison you can choose from smaller and cheaper umbrellas for a good price-quality ratio. The fabric of all Basic-Line parasols are made of 100% polyester, so you can easily clean and maintain the fabric. All Basic-Line parasols are equipped with a easy to use mechanism, so you can easily set them up. When you don't use the umbrella, we advise you to put our covers around it. The covers are easy to use and ideal for winter storage. This way you protect your umbrella against wind, rain, dirt and discoloration. You also want your umbrella to last as long as possible and stay beautiful, don't you?

Profi-Line collection

The Profi-Line collection consists of larger standing umbrellas that can be used in large gardens and catering establishments. The parasols are equipped with an advanced pulley system, which makes it easy to operate the parasols. The frame is thicker than usual and the suspension in the ribs makes the parasol more resistant to weather influences. Parasols from the Profi-Line collection are equipped with 220 gram parasol cover which are made of 100% polyester and have a water-repellent PU-coating. This makes them very suitable for long-term use.

Umbrellas in different sizes

Are you looking for a suitable parasol for your terrace, balcony or catering establishment? At Madison you can find both large and small umbrellas. When choosing the right umbrella, it is important that you ask yourself whether you want to create much or little shade and how much space you have for a parasol. A larger parasol offers more shade than a smaller one.

We have parasols in different sizes and variants. You can choose a round, square or rectangular parasol. The sizes vary from 4 meters in diameter to 1.8 meters in diameter. Something for everyone!

Different colours umbrellas

Sun umbrellas by Madison are available in various colours. Whatever colour you are looking for, at Madison you will find the right colour to match the atmosphere of your garden. You can choose from a sun umbrella with a neutral colour, such as ecru, taupe, white or grey. Or cheer up your garden and go for a colourful umbrella, such as red, blue, yellow or green.

Bases for umbrellas

It is important that a sun umbrella is securely fastened, otherwise there is a chance that the parasol could blow away. Madison has a wide range of bases for umbrellas with which you can strengthen your umbrellas. For each sun umbrella from the Madison collection there is a matching parasol base, holder available. This way you will always have your set complete immediately.

Protective covers for parasols

Madison umbrella covers offer excellent protection against rain and dirt. We recommend using a protective cover when you are not using your parasol. The covers are easy to use and ideal for winter storage. This way you protect your parasol against wind, rain, dirt and discoloration. Don't you also want your parasol to last as long as possible and stay beautiful?

Always a point of sale near you

Madison has an extensive dealer network in the Netherlands. There is always a point of sale near you where you can view our collections in real life.

Overview of our parasols

Madison has an excellent range of parasols. Take a look at our wide range:

  • Hanging umbrellas
  • Umbrella with base
  • Wall umbrellas
  • Tiltable umbrellas
  • Waterproof umbrellas
  • Umbrellas with articulated arm
  • Different applications for umbrellas
  • Various sizes of umbrellas
  • Colour umbrellas
  • Protective covers for umbrellas