Garden cushions

Madison garden cushions

Enjoy the lovely weather and your garden with Madison's garden cushions. Our garden cushions are universal and suitable for all types of garden furniture and chairs. In addition, our garden cushions provide extra comfort and you are assured of a good quality. With the cushions of Madison you can quickly create the feeling of inside outside. That will be enjoyable!

At Madison you can choose from a wide range of outdoor cushions for lounge sets, garden benches, sun beds and garden chairs. Because of our wide range of garden cushions, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice. We are happy to help choosing the right garden cushion.

Trendy designs

Every year Madison releases a new collection. We use our best designers to put together the most beautiful and trendy collections. Whatever style you like, with us you will find cushions that suit you and your garden. Our garden cushions can easily be combined with other types of cushions, so you can create just that little bit extra. Want to try something different? Brighten up your garden with our outdoor decorative cushions.

And did you know that we use the same colour tones for all our garden cushions? Whatever designs you want to combine, our cushions always match each other perfectly. The combinations are endless! For example, make a mix of uni cushions and cheerful designs. Be original and create your own style in your garden with Madison outdoor cushions. 

High quality outdoor cushions

Our collection of garden cushions comes in many sizes and designs, but also in different quality classes. The quality of our garden cushions are based on fabric and foam quality and are divided into three quality classes: Basic, Panama and Dralon.

The garden cushions in the Basic and Panama series are made of cotton and polyester. This combination ensures that the cushions are comfortable and durable. The difference between the Basic and Panama series is the ratio of the fabrics. Cushions from the Panama series are made of a better quality of cotton and polyester, which ensures that the cushions retain their colours longer and are wear-resistant. As a result, the cushions last much longer!

Garden cushions from our Dralon series offer the highest possible colour fastness. This means that the colours are retained well. In addition, foam of better quality is used in these cushions. This ensures that the dralon cushions are very durable and wear-resistant. With the garden cushions from dralon you will have years of pleasure! You can find all fabric information here

Outdoor cushions

Most cushions should not be left outside in bad weather. We understand that you do not want to store your garden cushions every time it rains. The outdoor cushions from Madison are of high quality and have a water-repellent coating, waterproof seal and a waterproof layer underneath the fabric. So you can leave the outdoor cushions outside during a little bit of rain. Will the bad weather persist? Then we advise you to store the garden cushions in a dark and dry place.

Protection and maintenance

You can easily clean Madison's outdoor cushions. The removable cushion covers are best washed by hand. Large stains can best be removed directly with a sponge or soft brush. See all the tips and washing instructions to keep your garden cushions in good condition on our maintenance page.

Storage covers

To keep your garden cushions in top condition, we recommend keeping them dark and dry when not in use. To provide optimum protection for your garden cushions, we offer storage bags in three different sizes. In this way you can easily store your cushions during the winter period and they will last longer.  

Always a point of sale near you

Madison has an extensive dealer network in the Netherlands. There is always a point of sale near you where you can view our collections in real life.

Overview of our garden cushions

Madison has an extensive range of garden cushions. Take a look at our wide range:

  • Lounge cushions
  • Cushions for low back chairs
  • Cushions for high back chairs
  • Decorative cushions
  • Sunlounger cushions
  • Living Plaids
  • Storage bags for garden cushions